About You

"When you know your dreams, and when you share your dreams, people will help you reach your dreams." 

 Karen S. Hoffman
 Founder of Gateway to Dreams

About Us

Once just an idea, a desire ... Gateway to Dreams is now a non-profit providing dreamers, entrepreneurs and nonprofits with the resources and support they need to be successful  Providing a community of connections, we offer our services in our beautiful Business Lodge in Chesterfield Mall.. Learn more today by subscribing to our newsletter or reviewing our news.

Community Support

Would you like to be part of Gateway to Kindness, a positive, pay-it-forward movement here in St. Louis that could help someone with a dream turn their aspirations to goals, actions and success -- showing the world the true character of our community?

Gateway to Dreams Mission:

To give every person the opportunity to explore, be supported in and actualize his or her personal or professional dreams through the encouragement, support and promotion of each member. To unify the community of dreamers and to provide each with a strong sense of, and tools for, empowerment, focus and achievement.